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Antiblanks Were Invited to Partner With Animo Apps to Develop the Plays Mobile App.

Our brief was to work closely with their talented creative and product team to take complete ownership of the development of both the cross platform mobile app and the marketing website. When Antiblanks were approached the app had been through a year of research and development and the functionality and design for the proposed MVP was nearing completion and ready for the introduction of a technical team.


Animo Apps Founder, Peter Dickinson Was Introduced to Antiblanks Founder, Dan Ivanovic by Recommendation From a Senior Creative Director at Global Digital Agency Tribal DDB Whilst Both He and Dan Were Working There in 2017.

Peter was looking to form a team to bring his vision of Plays to life and quickly identified the opportunity to partner with Dan who was fast becoming known in the agency for his ability to deliver on creative solutions where most other developers were struggling.

Teaming up was a natural choice; Peter being an experienced motion designer and creative director and Dan, a highly creative UX designer and full stack software developer with extensive animation and game development experience.





  The Outcome  

Selecting a Hybrid App Development Framework and Mature Third Party Animation Library Has Enabled Us to Quickly Deliver a Robust and Sophisticated Product Built by Just One Team and Supported Across Multiple Platforms.

4.9% App Store rating

1-2k daily users

17% user retention

200k+ installs

The early pre-marketing launch results were very promising and validated the technical choices we’d made and the quality of the product we delivered.

The core application logic that we developed within React Native has laid a solid foundation for future product features and will also be re-used in Plays-X, a web based version of the product that will allow us to develop at a reduced development time and cost to Animo Apps.

Plays entered the animated messaging and content space as one of the best animation apps and at time of writing, Plays was the only app able to release new animation content within a few hours and without requiring a new release of the app to the stores.


This Project Has Been a Great Success for Our Team and We’re Proud of the Product We’ve Developed However, Being Self Critical, There Are Always Areas for Improvement:

Insights & analytics

We quickly delivered prototype builds to our cohort of TestFlight users, however, our implementation of crash logging and analytics was delivered a little later in the development roadmap. Insights & analytics are important not just in production but especially during beta testing so we will be sure to factor this in at the very start of our next project.

Back end infrastructure

We chose to create a custom back end for the app on AWS but later retired this in favour of using Firebase when new requirements presented the need to integrate other services such as PUSH notifications. We should have anticipated that common services like PUSH notifications would later be required and integrated a more robust back end solution from the outset. This prompted us to review our cross platform mobile development boilerplate and Firebase was included into this for future projects.

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