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Antiblanks Were Approached by VISA to Deliver a Prototype Mobile Application Called VISA Green - An AI Powered Mobile App Which Tracks and Rewards It’s Users Based on How Green They Purchase Every Day Services and Products.

Antiblanks were approached by VISA to deliver a prototype mobile application called VISA Green - An AI powered mobile app which tracks and rewards it’s users based on how green they purchase every day services and products.

The prototype would be unveiled at the CogX festival in London. The CogX festival is a festival of all things AI and emerging technologies in machine learning, deep learning and what’s coming next in the world of technology.

The product had a number of highly technical challenges such as the complexity and size of the transactional data. There was little margin for error. Using design thinking, our team of experts ran a number of ideation workshops and adopted an iterative/agile development approach to bring the prototype to life in less than six weeks.


Antiblanks Directors Dan Ivanovic and Mark Kneale Have an Existing Business Relationship With VISA Which Started in 2018 When Antiblanks Were Recommended to VISA as a Mobile Development Partner to Take Ownership of Visa’s Existing VISA Travel Tools Application Which Needed Some Urgent Maintenance.

When VISA were presented with the time sensitive brief to deliver the VISA Green App prototype, they looked for a mobile development partner that was capable of achieving this and contacted Antiblanks knowing from past experience that Dan & Mark’s team were highly technical and could be trusted with such a high risk project.



  The Outcome  

We Delivered a Visually Outstanding, Highly Performant and Bug Free Application Which Contained All Specified Features Plus More in Good Time for VISA & HSBC To Demo at CogX. Our Prototype Was Well Received by VISA & HSBC and Immediate Steps Were Taken for Us to Further Development of the App From Prototype to a Production Version.

Seamless prototype

On time

More features

On budget

“We really like the prototype and have been showing it proudly to our partners.”

- The VISA team.


Overall This Was a Hugely Successful Project So It’s Hard to Find Fault. We Collaborated Well With Visa’s Team, We Over-Delivered and Were Under Budget and at No Point During the Process Did We Feel Anything Other Than in Complete Control.

The project is now moving onto phase 2 where we will look to implement a rewards specific Blackchain which will enable a more efficient and more flexible way to run the rewards engine.

In addition to this we will create a behavioural framework which will enable us to understand and value user behaviour based on tracking and analysing thousands of data points.

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